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Other interviews:

- Interview with Lambert Wilson "Entre les mots et les notes" at "Le Temps"


- Interview about "Back into Nothingness" premiere with Hèctor Parra at Matinale, France Musique

- Interview at "Assaig General" of Catalunya Música (Catradio) with Albert Torrens

- Interview with Xavier Chavarría at "Assaig General" of Catalunya Música (Catradio)

- Interview with Omer Corlaix, Musiques contemporaines XX-XXI

- Interview by Pierre-Helene Scande, Fragile Revue "Victimes Oubliées"

  "Comment composez-vous 1", "Comment composez-vous 2"

Other press articles-broadcasts about my work:

- Noves aventures, de Tots els matins del món, amb Joan Magrané


- Tierra, polvo, tumba, of Aina Vega i Rofés at Barcelona Classica

- By musicologist Marina Hervás in the occasion of the premiere "Feedback" by the Trio Feedback at the Badajoz Festival (Spain)

- Article at La Tribune de Genève

- Interview for the main daily newscast on Swiss TV

- Show « La Puce à l’Oreille » on Swiss TV

- Interview for the Swiss Radio


- Interview-article in the book "D'un lyrisme l'autre"of Laure Gauthier: "Les métaphores se reflètent dans la matière sonore". Entretien avec Laure Gauthier

- Article from the colloque : Rigueur — Thierry Paul & Michael Schmidt, Spartacus Editions

- Computer-aided Composition of Spatial Sound Sculpture, article with Marlon Schumacher for the Ircam Forum web site









- "Hyle. Les géants de Vico. Listening space/ perceiving space: the forest inside the concert hall". Sonograma Magazine












- "Matemàtiques com a metàfora. Nous reptes tecnològics", Sonograma Magazine

- Interview-article in "Un espai al pentagrama" d'Alba Nogueras, Ficta Edicions

- "Sobre imaginario sonoro y poesía" (spanish) in Diálogos of Ciklus Ensemble


(from other authors)



- DISSONANCE : Les projets Orchis. Grégoire Carpentier, Victor Cordero, Éric Daubresse (Dissonance 119, September 2012). Analyze of the work with software Orchis in my piece "L'ombre du rêve" (among other pieces)
-> Musical examples

- La prise de l’IRCAM? Spanish Composers Facing New Technologies, by Jose L. Besada. Contemporary Music Review, Volume 38, 2019


- Twentieth-Century Music and Mathematics, R. Illiano (ed.). Pedro Ordóñez Eslava: "Ars combinatoria: poéticas del número en la composición española contemporánea (1980-2018). Breve antología inacabada"

- A Model for the Analysis of Orchestration and Its Experimental Application to Núria G. Comas’ “Recovery Zones” by Charles Santana and Didier Guigue. EuroMac10, page 553

- "Emulation of Baroque instrument" of Composing with Orchidea by Carmine-Emmanuele Cella

Other texts

- "Trois points sur la perception sonore : image sonore, masquage et illusion sonore" (Master dissertation, September 2012)



Sonograma Magazine Hyle


- Interview with Anne Monfort by Jérémie Szpirglas

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Captura de pantalla 2022-09-22 a les 14_

Sul Ponticello

- Interview by Sul Ponticello review, Elvira Simancas

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Captura de pantalla 2022-09-22 a les 14_

Radio Classica

- Interview with J. L. Besada at Música Viva about the postponed premiere "The Second Coming" at GMEM

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Captura de pantalla 2020-07-12 a les 22.


- Interview about "music and Poetry" with Laure Gauthier by Florence Trocme-Poezibao


Cat Radio

- Interview with Joan Vives i Ester Pinart at "Tots els matins del món" (Catradio)


La Cinta de Möbius

- Interview by Laura Farré Rozada, at CatMusica Radio

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Hemisphère son

- Interview by Michèle Tosi for the platform Hemisphère Son

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Capture d’écran 2021-05-19 à 14.31.25.

ZKM live broadcasting

- Interview with Ludger Brümmer in the occasion of live broadcasting concert with Aleph Guitar Quartet at ZKM


France Musique

- Alla Breve with Anne Montaron and Anssi Karttunen in France Musique:


Alla Breve sequences

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2010 - present

2010 - present

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